5 Reasons You Should Create Content on Linkedin

Anybody who has followed me on social media over the past year knows that LinkedIn has become a big part of my life. Much like a lot of people, I spent many years viewing LinkedIn as simply a tool that could help me to get discovered by a recruiter or hiring manager looking for somebody with my skillset. I figured if I created a nice looking profile, posted a decent picture, and updated a few times a year, I would have the formula for success on this platform. However, as I started looking for more ways to promote my blog, I learned that LinkedIn was a very valuable, untapped platform for creating and promoting my own content.

When I started thinking about how to join the social media landscape on a bigger level, video content was something I wanted to do, but figured I wouldn’t be good enough at it. I didn’t know if I had the on camera presence to pull it off and I also didn’t think people would want to hear the sound of my voice. However, I just couldn’t get it out of my head. By the summer of 2018 I was having fun with my blog and figured that written content would be the extent of what I would do. However, as I my network grew and I started to meet some very encouraging people, I found that my desire to create video content had also grown.

Creating video content on LinkedIn has been a great next step in my personal professional development. To see more of my content just go this link https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-schmidt-7419918

There’s no doubt that a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of creating video content anywhere let alone a platform like LinkedIn. In this piece, I want to talk about some of the ways in which creating content has helped me personally. Sure, I will post my blogs on LinkedIn just as I have for the past year. I love sharing my blog content and hope others get something out of it. However, at this point, I feel like I get more satisfaction from creating video content then I do my blog. There’s something about the challenge of putting myself out there, doing a good job, and getting direct feedback from others in my network that really lifts me up and boosts my confidence. I want to share that joy with others through this piece. Here is why you should get over your fears and create video content on LinkedIn.

It’s A Great Place To Use Creativity

I don’t consider myself creative in the “showman” sense of the word. However, I do know that I am a creative thinker who tends to come up with good ideas. Creating this blog is one of the ways in which I keep the creative side of my brain ticking. Thanks to discovering the awesomeness of video content on LinkedIn, I’ve found new ways to stretch my creativity. I still use the same brainstorming techniques I’ve always used for blogging, but now I apply it to creating video content. Before I hit the record button, I have to somewhat plan what I am going to say, consider the audience receiving the message, think about the points I want to make, and how I want to deliver it.

On a larger scale, I also have to brainstorm the type of topics I want to discuss. I think videos tend to work better when the topic comes to you organically, but there is certainly nothing wrong with making more of a project out of it. Besides, if you have video editing skills, this could also be a great way to show everybody that side of your ability as well. Whether you like to improvise, brainstorm, plan, edit, etc, the key here is that your creativity is unlimited to your imagination when creating content.

You’ll Become A Better Public Speaker

Public speaking isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. I feel like I enjoy it and execute it pretty well, but I still don’t think of it as an “easy” thing to do. I’m sure if I looked at some of my earliest videos I’d see a lot of room for improvement. However, I didn’t let the intimidation factor get to me. I kept moving forward and kept creating the content I wanted to make. As a result, I have gotten to a point where I not only feel comfortable creating videos, I kind of wish I had more time and ideas to use in order to post them more often. Between stretching your creativity, listening to the feedback your receive, and practicing your craft, you will become a better public speaker before you know it.

It may seem farfetched, but you will wake up one day and realize that you are speaking in front of the camera effortlessly. When I create a new video these days, I see my personality come out more and more. I don’t think about it or put any particular effort into bringing my personality out. Practice makes for a much better performance. You may not even realize your confidence is growing. The key is to make sure you create content often and be sure to get as much feedback on your performance as possible. The confidence you gain through creating video content will translate to other parts of your life as well. Creating video content is an intimidating idea, but the personal fulfillment and benefits that come with it make it worth your time.

Engagement Will Pay Off

Creating video content isn’t a one way street. There are so many others out there just like you who will be looking for your input on their content. Much like Twitter, one of the keys to success on this platform is engaging with others on the platform. You’ll want to set aside time (as often as possible) to provide feedback on the work of others. By doing this, you’ll increase your exposure and become a familiar face on the platform. People will remember you and they will take notice when you post content in the future.

Unlike YouTube, creating video content on LinkedIn isn’t a one way relationship. When connections provide feedback on your content, be prepared to elaborate and discuss anything you might have shared in the video. This will help to further establish yourself as an engaged member of the platform. It’s simply not enough to create your video content and let it speak for itself. Don’t just walk away and expect to get a lot of views or become a trending topic on the platform. You must put some of the extra work into it in order to be successful.

You’ll Get More Meaningful Exposure & Interactions

One of the best things that have come out of LinkedIn for me is not the amount of connections I’ve made, but the quality of the connections I have. I feel like I’ve had more meaningful conversations on this platform over the past year than I’ve had in my life. The amount of amazing people I’ve met just by sharing and engaging is mind boggling. Once you become an active participant on this platform, you will receive a gift that is greater than money or success. You will establish a solid professional network and maybe even make a few good friends along the way.

This point might be one of my favorite reasons to create video content on LinkedIn. It’s also one of the reasons I enjoy sharing blogs and other projects I am working on. Personally, I enjoy the more intellectual and professional interactions that LinkedIn has to offer. Sure, I can’t deny how great the more casual Twitter platform has been for me. That too has been an extremely valuable tool. However, I think there are limitations on platforms like Twitter or Facebook that LinkedIn doesn’t have. If you’re looking for more meaningful relationships and interactions, then LinkedIn is the place to get it.

It Will Help You To Expand Your Network

Since I started sharing anything at all on LinkedIn, I’ve watched my network grow tremendously. I’ve gained well over 3,000 connections just in the past year. Not only that, but I’ve discovered cool networking events such as LinkedIn Local and have continued to expand the quality and quantity of my network just by being engaged with the platform. When creating video content, simply put a few relevant hashtags on the post to help it gain more exposure and hopefully bring in some people from outside of your network.

As your network grows, you will start to see a lot more people pop up on your feed who fit into your niche. By that point you may not have to work quite as hard to find likeminded connections. With that said, one of the biggest keys to seeing your network expand is by remaining engaged with content from other connections (and non-connections). This might seem like a daunting task, but it becomes much easier as you get to know the people you are connecting with. Also keep in mind that word might get around that you provide value to the interactions you take part in. This may also help you to expand your network at a consistent rate.

Has My LinkedIn Experiment Paid Off?

As of today, the results of my “LinkedIn Experiment” can’t be measured in dollars or any particular level of success. I am not an in demand public speaker and I am not the CEO of my own company. However, by doing a few things right, not to mention a few happy accidents, I’ve come to find that LinkedIn might be one of the most valuable platforms on social media. This might be hard for some people to believe, but that is also one of the motivations behind creating this piece. LinkedIn is a platform that has given so much back to me over the past twelve months. Since I changed my approach on this platform it has opened up new avenues and has given me the professional network I always wanted. If you’re not using this platform to its full potential, please keep reading and see why you should follow in my footsteps.

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5 Responses

  1. I don’t like to make videos
    Never used this app, but sometimes gets emails from it

  2. Vox says:

    I agree that LinkedIn is a slow build, but like you, we are starting to find traction on our posts and have made some really great connections. I also use LinkedIn to do research; when I find a music supervisor’s name at the end of a movie, I immediately search them and attempt to connect with them. This has resulted in having some of our original music—which we post every week (in our song a week challenge)—seen by folks that we probably would have never been able to meet otherwise. As a result, increasingly, we are seeing notifications that music publishing companies are checking out our profile. And while I am not directly giving credit to LinkedIn for achieving a recent success of having 2 songs placed with an Australian marketing company, I certain that it can’t have hurt to have more examples of our work readily accessible weekly on the platform. While it has been beneficial for our blog, since blogging is a means to bolster our other music publishing goals, LinkedIn has been incredibly helpful.

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Wow what an incredible story! This really speaks to my point of why LinkedIn is such a valuable platform. I can’t say I’ve had quite that much success yet, but this story is extremely encouraging.

      It takes time to build yourself up, but once you find a few great connections you can really get off the ground and make progress. Thanks for the great comment!

  3. Taiwo says:

    This is an incredible post! I’ve been thinking about dabbling into LinkedIn specifically for freelance writing but there are so many benefits too as a blogger. I love how you outlined each point. Great post Marc!

    Taiwo x

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Thank you! LinkedIn has been great for me. If you’re serious about professional networking, promoting your work etc, it is by far one of the best places to go!

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