10 Ways To Take A Break From Working At Home

10 Ways To Take A Break From Working At Home

For those of us who were born during the 20th Century, it is time to take a moment and look around us. Based on how much things have changed over the past few years, it is pretty clear that the 21st Century is here. Many of the things we knew and loved during the 20th Century are slowly fading away. Society has shifted its thinking in many ways. Sometimes these changes happen just as we got used to the previous change. In order to keep up, we have to remain resilient and aware of these trends. One area of change that doesn’t need a lot of over analyzation is technology. In one way or another we have all felt it. This is one of the many changes that have caused a shift in the way we think about our lives. More than anything, I believe these changes affect the way we make a living.

After I took a buyout package from my former company in 2016, I figured I would find my way back into an office environment and continue climbing the corporate ladder. To an extent, this has happened, but not in the same way as it used to. I am basically being forced to start over and find my way again during the middle of my career. Not only has this been quite a challenge, it has also opened up my eyes in many ways. One of which is the power of working from home. Between freelance writing work and my own blogging aspirations, I have logged many hours working from home in my office. Sure, I could write a piece about that experience (and I might someday), but today I want to go into something that might be overlooked by others who also work from home: The importance of taking breaks.

If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that taking breaks are important. Not only do they keep your mind fresh, it also gives you the opportunity to accomplish a lot if you delegate your time right. That more than anything might be one of the top lessons I’ve learned from working at home. In this piece, I have ten ideas on how you can make the most of your downtime. By balancing breaks and work, you might actually find that you’ll get a lot more accomplished. You may also find that the quality of your work will improve too. I’ve used these break periods as an opportunity instead of just having a bunch of chores or other errands that are interfering with my downtime. It has become much more than that. If you’re looking to maximize your time and get more done, then this list might help with that. Let’s take a look at what you could do when your eyes feel strained and it is time to walk away from your work for awhile:

Short Term Chores

Chores may seem like an odd way to “take a break” from work, but hear me out. Personally, If I hit a minor case of writers block or I just get tired of starring at the screen, doing a quick chore such as putting away the laundry or unloading the dishwasher can be a productive way to recharge. Not only does it get you doing something active and completely different from what you’re doing in your work area, it also gives you a chance to recharge. This also gives you an opportunity to get stuff done around the house and it teaches you how to budget your time. It’s a win-win idea all around.

Believe it or not, doing the laundry is a great way to give yourself a break when working at home.

Long Term Chores

A long term chore is something that might require you to step out of the house for a little bit. Let’s face it, we all need a little fresh air every now and then. Especially when your lifestyle turns you into a homebody. Running errands such as grocery shopping and other activities that require you to step outside could be a great way to give yourself a much needed hour or two away from your work area. By the time you return, you might feel a sense of starting a “new day”. Going outside might also be just the thing you need to get yourself brainstorming and moving in the right direction on a project you’re currently stuck on. Much like household chores, running errands also helps you to learn how to budget your time and it helps you to get stuff done. Believe it or not, these types of breaks may also help you to get the job done faster.

Something as simple as a grocery shopping trip could be just the break you need in order to do your best work at home.

Have A Snack

Sometimes the best way to get your groove back is by simply grabbing a snack. Whether it is a drink of water, a bowl of fruit, granola bar, etc. a snack can go a long way. Depending on your snacking needs, this might be something you can do while you continue to work. We work so hard sometimes that we don’t even notice that it’s time to refuel. Snacking and working is also a great way to multitask. My multitasking snack of choice are Goldfish. Can’t go wrong there!

Sometimes a simple snack like this one is all you need in order to get back into a groove.

Go See A Movie

Escaping into another world can prove to be just the distraction you need to recharge. There have been a few occasions where I dropped what I was doing in order to go see a movie in the middle of a workday. This could certainly be accomplished at home, but going to the theater means you’ll probably stay off of your phone and won’t give in to the temptation to continue working. Besides, the movie theater always gives you that “otherworldly” feeling. This is a great way to recharge.

Feeling stuck? Maybe you need to go to the movie theater and “escape” for a few hours.

Make A Phone Call

Sometimes the best remedy for the work at home blues is to simply reach out and phone a friend. Anybody who has spent time working alone at home for an extended period of time knows how lonely it can be. On several occasions, sometimes without even realizing it, a phone call made all of the difference in the world. Even as much as 15-30 minutes on a phone call could be enough to recharge and give you a much needed social interaction. If you have a good work from home/remote worker friend out there, then it might even be a good idea to plan a call with them once a week. This could prove to be very beneficial for both people in the long run.

Sometimes the best way to find your groove again is to phone a friend.

Get Some Exercise

Much like household chores such a vacuuming, taking a walk or running on a treadmill could also be just the break you need in order to recharge. Personally, I prefer to take a walk outside when I feel the need to get moving outside of the house. I mentioned vacuuming because that has also proven to be enough of indoor exercise to give me a sense of recharging as well as much needed exercise. However, I’m sure most people would prefer a more traditional idea in order to get the workout and work break they require.

Sometimes getting a little exercise can make a huge difference in how our body, mind, and spirit feel.

Work On Another Task

\Sometimes the best way to take a break from the current task is to simply start a new one. Many times when I get stuck while writing a blog I will shift gears and start pinning new blog pins through Tailwind. By taking the time to do a mindless activity like scheduling pins, I can give myself an opportunity to regroup without leaving my workspace. This may even give me an opportunity to multitask and create some graphics on Canva. Much like the other points in this piece, the possibilities are endless.

The answer to your problem might be right in front of you. Shift gears and find a new task to work on for awhile.

Take A Break Until Tomorrow

If all else fails, then it might best to shut it all down and say “tomorrow is another day”. Getting stuck or feeling burned out may simply mean that we’ve done all we can do for today. There is no shame In that. Unfortunately, this might not be an option if you’re working against a deadline. However, Personal Bloggers and others who are lucky enough to have this type of flexibility may want to take advantage of this. Sometimes we need to walk away until tomorrow in order to find our groove and put our best work out there.

If all else fails, stop what you’re doing and come back to it later. Tomorrow is a new day!

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2 Responses

  1. cassidysg says:

    Thanks Marc. Great post.

    The ‘Have a Snack’ option, for me means i then have to do the ‘Get some exercise’ option and head to the gym or pool for an hour.

    I love the ability to choose form my own fridge and pantry, rather than whatever is in my satchel when i am at my 9-5. Love it just a little bit TOO much. Having said that when I work at home I am LESS likely to take prescribed breaks like Lunch at 1PM.

    I would also extend the ‘go see a movie’ option to anything cultural that gives you a new way of seeing the world – an art gallery or museum, historical home or even a walk through a new part of the city or town where you live (new to you, but maybe a more historic area)

    keep up the great content


    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Thank you Shaun! Sorry for the delayed reply. You offered some great cultural suggestions. A museum would also be a great option. I think the point of this piece was to encourage people to not feel so tied down to their work. Taking breaks will help your productivity and creativity!

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