5 Cool Things You Can Do On Instagram Stories

Over the past year or two I’ve heard a lot of talk about how valuable Instagram Stories are to the success of your Instagram account. I don’t have any tangible proof that InstaStories do help your account to be more successful, I have come to learn that there are some pretty cool tools you can use in order to spice things up a little bit. The latest updates for the app have revealed a plethora of fun tools to use in order to make the experience more fun. From breaking your stories into chapters through title cards to adding music and drama, you can have even more fun with InstaStories. Whether you’re doing it for fun, promoting your business, or trying to become the next big influencer on the app, InstaStories can do a lot to enhance your presentation and show the world your creativity. In this piece, I will break down five tools you can use in order to bring more fun to your InstaStories and broadcast your life with style.

1. Title Cards Break Stories Into Chapters

From my perspective, the “Type” option under InstaStories could very well be used as “title cards” or markers that can establish the beginning of a “new chapter” in your story. I don’t know if that is Instagram’s intention, but that is how I view it. I’ve been using these for that particular use as I feel like it helps to categorize your story for the viewer. If you’re especially creative, this feature could be expanded on in that way. I also like to use this feature to simply promote certain blog pieces by using the “typewriter” font. Instagram gives you a number of different fonts and backgrounds to use when creating these text only sections of your story. It might not be the most dazzling way to use the platform, but it could prove to be very useful if you dig in and use your creativity.


Here is an example of what you can do with the “Type” function

2. Music Option Provides A Soundtrack

This is probably my favorite addition to InstaStories. Not only can you add up to 15 seconds of music to a live photo or video you add to your story, you can also get creative and do a few other things with it. Personally, I like to use this feature as a way to “share” music I like with my followers. When I do this, I go into Apple Music, create a screenshot, add it to my story, then grab a piece of music using the “stickers” feature. When you select the music sticker, you can then add a song just like you would if you added it “live”. The only downside to the stickers feature is that it doesn’t always seem to work. Perhaps that has something to do with my internet connection, but I feel like I use the same process every time. This may need a little more investigation on my part, but it does work most of the time!


I like using “Music” to tell my story and promote music I enjoy

3. Rewind & Boomerang Add Fun To Your Feed

The Boomerang feature is something many Instagram users are probably familiar with. Up until recently, I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this feature. I didn’t really see the point of it. However, the latest update made me want to put it to the test and see what I could come up with. My cats have proven to be the best ones to test this feature on. Depending on how you use it, Boomerang can definitely bring an element of humor to your story. The same can be said about the rewind button. This has proven to be the most fun out of the two. I’ve already used this one while traveling up and down elevators, while traveling down the highway (safely of course), and with my favorite test buddies, my cats.


I enjoyed using the Boomerang feature while playing with my cat Jack Jack

4. Adding Text Helps Tell Your Story

Earlier I mentioned that you can add a whole “title card” of text to your InstaStory. This is  a great way to give your story a little bit of a voice. The same can be said of your actual images. Rather than just posting an image and calling it a day, you can also add some details in order to tell the story. I really like to do this as simply posting the photo doesn’t always say enough in my opinion. Especially if I am promoting my video content, I may want to get on there and explain what it is that I’m promoting and where the viewer can go to find it. If you’re afraid that your photos might be too bright for any particular font color, then I have some good news. If all else fails, just use the color fill feature at the top of the screen in order to give your text enough layering around it that it will be visible anywhere. Thanks to that feature, I never worry about my text being visible. If space is an issue, be sure to use two fingers and squeeze the text down to size in order to make all of your messages fit on the screen!


I experimented with the “Rewind” button here and I used text to tell the story

5. Dramatize Your Story By Using Superzoom

This is one feature I haven’t used too much, but it is very cool. Superzoom acts like a Boomerang or Rewind, but it functions like a normal video with some added dramatic effects placed on it. Don’t want to do a chore? Then place a big X over the vacuum with the “nope” feature. Did you just cook an awesome meal? Consider doing a short video with the “fire” feature to show how “On Fire” that piece of food is. You can also do other fun things like make the video “bounce” or even have it film something to a really cool “beat”. Your creativity is infinite with the Superzoom feature!


Had a little fun with “Superzoom” on this particular day. Doing chores isn’t that bad is it?

Some Final Thoughts On InstaStories

InstaStories have come a long way since they debuted a few years ago. It’s one of those features I could take or leave for much of the time it’s been available. However, as I continue to travel down the path of being a social media influencer, I have come to realize that these stories are important. Not only do they show some different sides of me that may not come through otherwise, they also help me to promote the many different things I’m doing on the internet these days. As a freelance writer, blogger, influencer, content creator, speaker, etc, I need to be on top of my game. All of the stuff i’m doing is fun for me, but it won’t take me anywhere unless I continue to promote myself. It’s also important to me that people see the person behind all of the work I do. I’m not just a serious person who is passionate about helping others. I like to have fun too! It’s important to me that others see that while I am also out there pushing to put the best product I can out there. With InstaStories, we can all bring ourselves a little closer together even if it’s only for a few seconds per post.


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  1. phigella says:

    I never use Instastories, I don’t really know why. Thanks for the post Marc, really helpful for someone like myself.

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      The only thing I don’t like about InstaStories is that you have to constantly post in order to keep them active. Unfortunately I don’t always feel like sharing my life with the world 😀

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