5 Ways To Use Twitter Effectively As A Blogger

Of all the things I’ve gotten into over the past few years, I feel like Twitter has clearly been my most successful endeavor. Although I’ve been on this platform for many years, I didn’t truly take it seriously until the past two years. When I started blogging last year, I truly started to see its potential. Once I managed to find a good group of likeminded people to interact with, my account really started to pick up. Although I certainly don’t have a 6 or 7 figure following, I am extremely proud, humbled, and shocked by how many people are following me. With over 5k people following my tweets everyday, that in and of itself is a pretty big group of people to be talking to. When I hear people refer to me as being a “big blogger” it makes me feel very grateful that I’m viewed this way. Especially since it all happened in a fairly short amount of time. Although I don’t have the biggest following, it does make me feel a sense of responsibility since I know there are lots of people out there who would love to have my sizable, but still modest following. If you’re hoping to get your own Twitter account jumpstarted to a point where you feel like you are making a real connection with people, then allow me to give you the following tips on how to make that happen. When I truly reflect on how I got where I am, I feel like the following five points are what helped me the most.

1. Find A Good Group Of People

If you’re jumping into the Twitterverse with a clear goal in mind ie blogging, podcasting, etc, then that needs to be your focus. Start by searching for people who are interested in the areas you want to connect in. Not everybody is going to follow you back right away, but you might find that more people will follow you than you realize. Be mindful of what their profile looks like. Make sure they have nice looking pictures, tweets that sound intelligent, and following that looks balanced (stay away from those who have a ton of followers, but are following very few people back, etc). The best way to find where you fit in is by simply diving in and going for it.

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2. Learn About Keywords & Hashtags

Not only can hashtags and keywords help you to find people who have the same interests, they can also help you to promote your own tweets. Have a great new blog post that everybody “MUST” read? Looking for people who share the same hobbies and interests as you? There is no better way to find yourself on Twitter than by honing in on keywords and hashtags that will help you to find likeminded people. Think about this the next time you feel stuck on a follower count that won’t grow or you feel like you just haven’t found your own niche group yet.

3. Strive To Network & Grow

Once you find a few good successful bloggers, then it is time to do your homework. Pay attention to who these people are following. Try to find people who interest you and start talking to them. You don’t have to start out by following them directly, but atleast strive to be social. Right off the top of my head I can think of a few great people who were very helpful to me early on in my blogging career. Thanks to their friendliness I felt encouraged to stick with what I was doing. As time and conversations continued, my following and reach started to grow. I now have more Twitter friends than I can count. Don’t be shy about getting to know others, asking them questions, or simply being the friendly person you are. This is a great way to grow on Twitter.

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4. Learn About & Use Automation Tools

Automation tools can really help to supplement your “Live” usage of Twitter. Pay close attention to things like “Follow Friday”. Use this an opportunity to promote other bloggers work or to simply encourage your following to give them a follow too. It’s a good way to give others a positive endorsement and you look great for doing it. Sure, you can do this simply by tweeting, but you can also do it by scheduling those tweets too. You can also use it to schedule promotion for your own work as well. Automation might even be a good tool to set up a blogger chat or some other type of multi tweet event. Either way, by being creative with this tool, you could increase your following and engagement.

5. Be A Mentor For New Bloggers

This idea might not be for everybody, but I will say that knowledge is power. Once you reach a certain point in your blogging career, being a mentor for newer bloggers is an easy thing to do. Personally, although I still feel like I am growing and learning, I feel like I’ve had enough to success to help others who need it. That is one of the points of me starting a Blogging/Social Media category on my blog. I enjoy being a resource for others. It has really helped raise my profile on Twitter and it puts me right where I want to be: In a leadership role. Even if you don’t want to take it quite that seriously, you might want to consider being open to other bloggers when they have questions. It will only work in your favor when you take time out to be a mentor to those who are trying to figure it all out.

The Bottomline On Using Twitter As a Blogger

There is a lot of information out there that gives a blogger a potential path to follow. Some are able to tap into the tools that work on Pinterest while others are able to take advantage of platforms such as Google Plus or Facebook. However, from my perspective, there is no better platform to use in order to give yourself exposure than Twitter. Once I set my mind on blogging, it didn’t take too long to find other likeminded bloggers who were in the same phase of their career. I can still see this cycle carrying on today even though many consider me more of a seasoned veteran within the blogging community.

Although you hear a lot of stories about how negative platforms like Twitter can be, I’ve actually found it to be a very open and welcoming place to network and promote my work. If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, I’d suggest taking my word for it on this one. I wouldn’t put this type of information out there unless I could actually vouch for it. If you use it effectively, Twitter can become a really effective way to jumpstart your blogging career. You’ll learn a lot of from others, make new friends, and give yourself a real opportunity to get your content out there in front of thousands (maybe even millions) of people!

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8 Responses

  1. Great tips Marc – being social is definitely the key and Twitter has a great supportive community. Thanks for sharing these pointers. 😊

  2. Great post Marc! Love all of your posts on social media. You are so real and helpful to new bloggers and I have appreciated that since I met you.

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Thank you Andrea! That’s a very high compliment. I aim to be as real as possible in all of my posts. I could certainly say the same of you.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Your right – some bloggers get their blogger traffic from pinterest and other social media sites. Twitter has been so helpful in guiding me!

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Twitter has been the most helpful for me too. I wish I could figure out how to gain more traffic on Pinterest. I do a lot of stuff other people do, but it has been tough. I’ll probably focus on that more in the coming year.

  4. Great post Marc! I’m one of those newbies who learned a lot from you. Thanks for being an awesome mentor and friend:)

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Thank you Fritzie! That is a very high compliment coming from you. I think you’re doing fantastic on your own accord. Keep up the great work!

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