5 Ways You Can Manage Your Time Better

Since I started blogging this year I have received a few questions about how I manage my time. Between a full time job, running my own blog, freelance writing, keeping up with social media, cooking dinner, doing chores around the house, etc. etc. it can get to be a bit overwhelming. However, somehow I manage to stay on task and keep it all going. Andrea from Saving Joyfully is one of several people who have straight up asked me this question. It’s flattering to get this question from somebody who has obtained a lot of success in a short amount of time so I must be doing something right. Personally, I’ve always been pretty motivated and have learned to become very good at multitasking thanks to working in the fast moving media industry for over a decade. To be honest, “Motivation and Multi-tasking” are probably the two keys that are at the core of how I manage my time so well. However, I think it can be broken down a little more than that. Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can manage your time better!

1. Keep Your Life Organized

Whether you use the notepad on your phone, an app, or write it all down the old fashioned way, the best thing to do is to write it all down and keep your tasks organized. Start by doing the most important things first and work your way down. Although I should probably write stuff down a little more, I do tend to keep everything organized in my head. If you can do that, then more power to you. However, even a guy like me needs to write stuff down. My life is busy and I’m not getting any younger. Take some time think your life through, prioritize the list, and then conquer the world!

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2. Plan Out Your Time

This point goes hand in hand with the first one. I tend to plan my week around my wife’s schedule. If I know she’ll be home on a particular day, I will plan ahead and make sure all freelance obligations are done before her day off. I also make sure that most chores and other stuff are done so that we can maximize our own time. My own blogging work gets done on days she works, but I don’t (for example, my wife is working today, but I am off. Therefore I am writing this and may other posts!). It’s all about doing the best you can to predict how your week might pan out and plan accordingly.

3. Know When To Relax

I consider myself to be a very hard worker, but even I have to take a break sometimes. Otherwise you will probably burn out. I don’t know many people who can keep moving on and on without some time away from it. I’ll be the first to admit that blogging and social media activity can become crazy addictive once you hit your stride with it, but you also need to be mindful of your own mind, body, and soul. Take some time to treat yourself. I do that by heading out take photos in my local area or by simply going out and grabbing a delicious treat somewhere. Video games are also a big source of relaxation for me too. The key is to know when to pull away form it for awhile and just chill out.

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4. Don’t Procrastinate

On the flip side of point number 3, you also need to make sure you stay on task. If you start putting off activities you don’t want to do or seem to challenging, the work will pile up on you pretty fast. That’s when life starts to feel overwhelming. A good way to take care of yourself is by not allowing something like this to happen. When you start with the first two points, but add in the third one for good measure, this particular point won’t become much of an issue. If you know you need to get that freelance project in by a certain day, then don’t wait too long to plan out your life and chip away at completing the job. If you want to do something fun later, then don’t put off chores and other tasks that need to be done beforehand. Just plan it out and prioritize. It will make life so much easier in the long run!

5. Be Real With Yourself

Although I have quite a busy life and would certainly be open to taking on new and exciting projects, the truth is that I don’t know if I could do much more than I am right now. My schedule is pretty full. This includes the time I take for myself. It’s great to have success, but don’t put on more on your plate than you can handle. Be realistic and be aware of your own capabilities and ability. Know when to slow down, but also know when it’s the right time to amp up your production. We all get into situations where a new opportunity presents itself on top of other obligations. Those are the moments when we need to challenge ourselves and try to reach another level. The key is to do it all with good judgement and within reason.

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Personally, after giving it a lot of thought, this is how I tend to manage my own life these days. It may seem like I make it look pretty easy, but it’s not always that way. We all have our own lives to live. Unexpected occurrences can pop up and throw everything off track (ie like the day my cat Jack Jack got sick). You have to be ready for any and all of these things. There are probably apps and tools you can use to keep it all together. I have more notes than I can count on my phone. It’s helpful, but it’s not everything. When it all comes down to it, your success in managing your own life is up to you and how you approach it. You must put in the thought and the work it takes to manage life successfully. that includes the time you take to relax and enjoy life as well. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you!

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3 Responses

  1. jacob07jones says:

    Great article! Like you said, it is definitely a bit of a constant struggle and keeping yourself in check to stay on top of things.

    For me, I removed all social from my phone. It’s less convenient, but that’s the point. I have to use my laptop and be more intentional with that time. Keeps me focused!

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Thanks Jacob! You have a great outlook on how to best use your time. That’s no surprise to me since your work is always so well thought out. That’s definitely an idea to consider!

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