5 Ways To Overcome The Follow/Unfollow Game On Instagram

Instagram is a reflection of our society. It’s gotten to the point where conversing face to face has gone out of style. Image is everything. I won’t say words are meaningless on Instagram, but they don’t mean much. What people see is how they’re going to view you. Frankly, to a certain extent, many of the people you cross paths with may not have much of an opinion at all. While there is good and bad in everything, there is no doubt that Instagram has a bad side that tends to rear its ugly head the moment you join.

While many Instagrammers attempt to take the noble “follow for follow” approach, there are many who play games. They seek to project an image that make them look very popular. Personally, unless they’re an influencer or celebrity, I tend to be wary of those who have thousands of followers, but are only following a few hundred back. Chances are, these people are playing the “Follow/Unfollow” game with you. It’s a well documented point of frustration I’ve seen voiced far too often on social media. It’s one I’ve lived through. Although I still put up with it to a certain extent, I feel like I’ve overcome a lot of it. That’s why I’m writing this piece today. I’ve learned a lot since I reached my breaking point a few months ago. My follower count is currently at 2.5k and growing. Here is how I overcame these frustrating games and set myself up for success.

1. Download The “Followers” App

The best way to fight back against these games is by downloading an app that specializes in telling you who specifically has unfollowed you. This way you can kindly unfollow and move on. Although some people I’ve talked have suggested that other apps are a little better, I’ve come to really like using the “Followers” app. It’s a simple platform that will automatically calculate the unfollow results as soon as you load it up. I may need to experiment with other apps a little more, but this is a good one to start off with.

2. Join Facebook Groups

If you read my posts on a consistent basis, then you might be getting tired of me talking about Facebook Groups. However, this has proven to be an amazing way for me to gain followers who are loyal and interested in my work. One group that is particularly great is called Social Ninjas. The folks who run this site are top notch and they truly care about your success on Instagram. From their daily “Insta” like threads to their monthly “Follow” thread, this group has everything covered. The moral of the story is this, if you’re tired of feeling like you don’t have any true followers, then Facebook Groups is a great place to go in order to resolve that.

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3. Use The Explore Page

This idea is something I’ve recently started doing. It’s amazing what a difference spending 15-30 minutes of liking and commenting on photos listed on the Explore can make. If Facebook Groups aren’t your thing, then give the Explore page a try. Not only will you see some breathtaking images all over the place, your engagement will pick up as a result of the time you spend there. To be honest, as much as I like Facebook Groups, it has helped to decrease the amount of time I’ve had to spend on them. It’s also a good way to extend your reach beyond the groups of people you already interact with. Most important, more followers will come your way too!

4. Tell Your Friends

If you’re not doing this already, then you should. Personally, I’ve found that many people I know personally have forgotten to follow me on Instagram (hopefully it’s not because they don’t want to!). If nothing else, this is a good way to pick up some followers and engagement. It may seem silly to put this in here as a point, but it might be good to double check and make sure you have as many of your own people as possible following you.

5. Do Your Homework

This point is a little more ambiguous, but truth is, the success you have on Instagram is up to you. Much like in life, there are obstacles that you need to overcome. Sadly, picking up thousands of followers isn’t going to just happen because your account exists. While I agree that platforms like Instagram should be fun, it also takes a lot of work to be successful. That’s what separates the successful users from the ones who can’t get past some of the games that are being played. If you truly want to be successful, you have to study up on how and why those with 5k-10k (or more) followers got where they are and how you can do it too. Start using an app like Snapseed in order to make your photos look more attractive. Take the time to engage with people on Facebook and the Explore page. Go out there and take awesome photos with your phone or camera. Read posts like this one in order to get ideas. You have to decide for yourself whether you truly want to obtain that level of success or not.

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Getting past the “follow/unfollow” game is possible to do. You might be feeling frustrated now, but remember that I was in your position not too long ago. I faced many of the same obstacles. Back in April of this year I was at my wits end with the whole thing. I just couldn’t get past a certain point because people kept unfollowing me. Once I was done feeling frustrated, I then put everything I had into finding the answers. I joined groups, I took a new approach to my posts, started using better hashtags, etc. I listened to what successful users were doing and started trying it out for myself. While I haven’t reached the coveted 10k follower plateau, I have gotten to a point where my account is growing nicely. This is because I did my homework. If you’re feeling as frustrated as I was back in April, then the time is now to start working it and make a change!

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7 Responses

  1. Vox says:

    I call it “weeding and feeding”; I think the folks who genuinely SHOULD be following me are going to stay, while all those that suck will keep it moving. In other words, they THINK they have gotten over on me by playing their game, but in reality by them in following me, they have weeded themselves out. Plus, I reserve the right to unfollow anyone once I realize that all they do is post tits and ass photos, so I think it’s fair to decide which people you want to continue to associate with. However, I do like you mentioned and start looking at the folks’ feed of the ones that I like to follow. Once I engage with these folks on a regular basis, they usually end up following me back. Win-win scenario! 👍🏽

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Oh yeah I definitely don’t follow anybody who is posting stuff that’s not in good taste. There are plenty of those accounts too! I think as long as you do all the right things and actually work at, you will see results. Kudos to you for putting the work in!

  2. ”I tend to be wary of those who have thousands of followers, but are only following a few hundred back.” I feel the same way Marc, so I don’t follow them. I started using the Followers app a month ago and I love it! Sometimes, a simple platform that works is all you need.

  3. jacob07jones says:

    Great article, Marc!

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