5 Ways To Use Facebook As A Blogger

Despite some of its flaws, Facebook has become one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world. Arguably, it might still be the most powerful. Although recent the recent privacy scandal has brought some negative attention to the platform, I don’t believe it’s one to turn your back on. Especially if you’re a blogger. Since I started my blogging journey last year, Facebook has become an enormous help to my online business. Unfortunately Facebook hasn’t helped me to make a lot of money, but it has helped me to learn what it takes to become a blogger. From joining groups to creating my own page, I feel like I have learned some valuable information.

1. You Learn New Tips & Tricks

Contrary to what some of my fellow bloggers might believe, I’m actually still pretty new to the blogosphere. Although I started my first blog last year, I didn’t truly start taking it seriously until I built this site up in December. That’s when everything got real. Then, thanks to my wife’s brilliant suggestion, I started joining pretty much every blogging and social media group I could find. Although I am still very far away from having any kind of real financial or viral success, I managed to pick up a lot of information about presenting your blog and social media accounts. This didn’t come from years of hard work within the blogging community. I simply absorbed as much information as I possibly could and applied it to my own career. Just by listening to a few tips I received through Instagram groups I’ve been able to pick up approximately 2,000 followers this year alone. This was all thanks to Facebook Groups. The fact that I know how to use Canva so effectively? That also came from Facebook Groups. My Pinterest Boards layout? Again, I learned it all from in Facebook Groups. My suggestion? Start searching for Blogging, Instagram, and Pinterest Groups, etc. on Facebook and learn from some of the best. Thanks to many of these groups, I’ve picked up knowledge that probably would have taken me a lot longer to figure out if I hadn’t.

It took a lot of hard work, not magic to learn what I know today

2. You Get To Promote Your Work

Facebook Groups are such a great way to promote your work. Some people might say that some of the threads get you views from people who aren’t actually finding you randomly. I suppose that’s a fair argument, but I don’t believe you need to be this rigid about your blogging career. Personally, yes, there are a lot of time when I might be clicking on stuff in order to fulfill a quota within a thread. However, there have been a lot of times when that wasn’t true. In a lot of cases you are free to choose who you want to view or follow in many Facebook Group threads. In my opinion, any promotion you can do for yourself is a positive.

Joining Facebook Groups will go a long way in helping you to promote yourself

3. You Get To Meet New People

The blogging community has been one of the best groups of people I’ve ever crossed paths with. Especially those who I’ve met on Twitter. Somehow I’ve managed to meet a ton of great folks there who are very passionate about their blogs. However, I try not to limit myself to those I know and trust the most. Much like networking in the real world, you need to keep putting yourself out there. I’ve actually managed to meet some really cool folks who aren’t in my “inner circle” of blogging friends. I’ve even found that those I’ve only gotten to know casually have made a positive impact on me. There are a lot of great, creative people out there who have taught me a thing or two despite us being acquaintances. I also believe that visibility is important. The more your name and your work is visible, even if you’re not associating with people too closely, the better that will be for you. Personally, that has been the case for me. I could probably name a number of people who I don’t know as well who I think do excellent work. Their names and brands have stuck with me even though we might not be very close. I think if you truly want to immerse yourself in the blogging community, this kind of familiarity with others in your field is a must.

Facebook Groups allow you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people

4. You Can Grow Your Following

Much like I said earlier, this point might be a negative for some. Not necessarily because growing your following is a bad thing. I doubt any blogger has ever said that. However, there are some folks who feel that it is more noble to grow your following without joining groups that are designed to help you with that without people finding you elsewhere. The idea of finding people who actually want to follow your work is something I think we’re all trying to accomplish. However, you can’t promote yourself without promoting yourself. I don’t think Facebook Groups are that insincere that you aren’t going to pick up some legitimate fans along the way. I’m not completely sure of what people in these groups think of my blog, but I’ve definitely picked up some loyal fans of my Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram accounts thanks to Facebook Groups. As far as I’m concerned, if they’re tuning in to what I’m doing on these platforms, then I feel like I have them as a “fan”. As a blogger, there is so much to learn and so many hats you need to wear. Although I may not get somebody completely hooked into subscribing to my blog or jumping up the second I publish a new piece, I feel that I atleast have their attention if they’re interest in my social media accounts. That is half the battle right there. That extra boost of help when it comes to creating a following can and will go a long way as time goes on.

Facebook Groups will also help you to grow a real, genuine blog & social media following

5. You Might Find A Blogging Mentor

When it comes to blogging mentors, I’ve managed to find a few that have helped me in one way or another. My number one mentor isn’t even somebody I found on Facebook. I managed to find them randomly through an article my wife and I found online. They have been a tremendous help through their positivity and blog posts themselves. However, for as amazing as this person is, there are so many other brilliant, successful minds to learn from. As a matter of fact, I think I have a mentor for most of the stuff I do. They probably don’t even know that I look up to them. I’ve found a few very successful people who have helped me to grow my Instagram into what it is today. There is no way in the WORLD I would have over 2k followers on Instagram if it weren’t for these people. Facebook is also filled with great Pinterest Group leaders as well. I would never have learned how to properly format my boards without some of these mentors.

Facebook Groups are a great place to find a social media & blogging mentor who will help you to grow

I can certainly vouch for how valuable it is to learn from your own blogging community. However, getting out there and meeting new folks within the field is crucial. Even if you don’t make friends who fit into your blogging circle, that connection is still very valuable for a number of reasons. There is much more to Facebook than simply creating a page for your blog. It can be more than just a place to socialize with your family and friends. It can also be a very important piece to you building up your skills and reputation as a blogger. For as powerful as Facebook is, it tends to get a bad reputation. I totally agree with many of the arguments that have been put out there. Especially the ones that apply to the recent privacy scandal that has been going on. However, as a blogger, there are still a ton of positives. Facebook still has the best format out of all of the social media platforms when it comes to forming groups and bringing people together. Until somebody comes up with the “next Facebook” I feel like this is the best platform to use in order to growing your blog and social media presence.

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  1. I never cared to have a Facebook account until I needed one for brands. Groups sounds like a good idea, thanks for sharing!

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      You’re welcome Alice! Yes, I would definitely join some groups. It will help you to learn a lot from fellow bloggers and people who have had a lot of success with it. I wouldn’t know as much as I do without them!

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