Steam cleaning your home’s hardwood & tile floors

Steam cleaning has really brought out the best in the hardwood and tile floors in my new house.

Building a new home has been an interesting learning experience that has brought some interesting twists and turns with it. If you’ve kept up with my blog, you’ll know that I found the actual building process to be surprisingly easy, or atleast easier than my wife and I expected. Now that we are in the house itself, we are learning about all of the quirks and nuances that come with this journey as well. As a guy who has always prided himself in being an active partner in doing many of the chores a lot of guys hate doing in the house, I pretty much felt like I knew what to expect when we moved in here. Sure, I knew I was going to do the laundry, wash the dishes, vacuum, etc. I didn’t see how some of these day-to-day/week-to-week chores would change much from apartment living to house living. However, I have to admit that I overlooked one routine change my wife had in mind which is how we treated our hardwood and tile floors. I figured that we would just get out the Swiffer and wet mop like we always did. My wife had other ideas.

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When it comes to a lot of things going on in my life, I tend to live in the moment. I try not to get my hopes up or anticipate much. This is how I wound up overlooking my wife’s steam cleaner purchase prior to moving in. She anticipated the need for us to put a little extra “TLC” into cleaning our floors. Especially the hardwood floor. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I saw the point of doing this. Wasn’t slapping the swifter wet pad on our mop and walking around for a few minutes enough anymore? I wondered if we were giving ourselves more work than we actually needed. However, being the openminded guy I am and knowing that my wife is often right about these things, I decided to follow her instructions and give it a try while she was away on a business trip.

Before you even think about steaming your floor, you need to get all of the dirt and particles cleaned up. Thankfully that awesome Swiffer mop that I used for wet mopping in the apartment can still be used on our floors. Instead of grabbing a wet pad, we use a dry cloth to do this job. This cloth actually does a very good job of getting everything off the floor. It only takes a few passes around the floor before I feel confident enough to dispose of the cloth and move on to steam cleaning.


Regardless of what kind of floor you have, using the Swiffer dry cloth is a great way to prep your floor for a good mopping

Much like the Swiffer process, steam cleaning is also a fairly easy process. We use a Shark Genius steam mop for our floor. Much like the Swiffer, the process of attaching the pad is very easy. There is a button on the device that releases both sides of the mop at the bottom. If your pad is already laid down on the ground, you can go ahead and fit all four openings in the pad to the prongs on the mop. You just close it up from there and you are ready to go. Just make sure the steam spray part of the mop is facing the direction away from you. This will produce much better results. Be sure to turn the mop off if you need to stop for any reason. Otherwise you might ruin the floor. This is especially true if your mop is on medium or high. We always mop on medium. From there, especially if it’s been a week or two since your last cleaning, you should see some amazing results. I actually don’t recommend going more than one week without steaming your floor. It may take twice as long to get the results you want if you wait too long to do it. I learned this the hard way! Once you’re done, be sure to throw the steam mop pad in the washer in order to maximize its performance.


Be sure to point the steam mop in this direction so that you can steam the floor prior to mopping it

If you’re looking to get a sparkling clean look to your hardwood or tile floors, using a steam mop is definitely the way to go. I can’t recommend it enough. I’m so happy with the results i’ve gotten from this mop that i’ve found that I take quite a bit of pride in the floor. Thankfully, any curveballs such as people wearing shoes on your floor, rolling luggage around, pet messes, or any other unexpected messes can be cleaned up pretty easily. I never knew it was possible to maintain that new floor look in my house until we got this mop. If you want to simply use a Swiffer dry and wet cloth to do the job, that’s ok, but if you really want to take the look of your floor to the next level, I can’t recommend steam mopping enough!

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6 Responses

  1. YES I DO NEED TO DO THIS! I have not friggin’ cleaned my floors like this in ages and um, that’s just gross! I hate cleaning floors though. They immediately get dirty again! UGH.

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Ha! I have to admit that I really enjoy doing all of this. Especially since it is in a brand new house. Any mistakes or marks I leave behind are my responsibility so that motivates me to get the job done right!

  2. zesty olive says:

    Cool! Thanks for the review. I’ve been using swiffers but really need to do a more thorough cleaning as our while house in hardwoods except a few of the bedrooms! 🙂

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      Using a steam cleaner like this one will definitely do the trick. It’s fun to do and it makes your floor look brand new every time you are done. Never thought I’d enjoy doing something like this so much!

  3. Tal Muscat says:

    I just bought a steam pocket mop! Great idea to Swiffer first! Thanks!

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