How drinking filtered water changed my life

Whether i'm in the kitchen or on the go, my filtered Brita water bottles is good to have around.

One of the biggest habits we have as a society today is planting our eyes on our smartphones every chance we get. We don’t leave home without it and we sneak a peek for the latest news or social media updates every chance we get. Some people also treat their water drinking habits the same way. This is either by choice or because they have gotten into a routine where drinking water is a part of their everyday life. Sadly, I wasn’t always one of those people. I would think about the fact that I needed to drink more water, but wouldn’t do anything about it. I’ve worked in a career where taking long walks away from my desk during the work day isn’t much of an option. Being mindful of practicing proper drinking habit or getting up every once in a while to drink water wasn’t the first thing on my mind. I would also take drinking water for granted. I’m sure my ratio of soda to water was skewed in a pretty big way when I was younger. I just didn’t think enough about it when I was younger, but I probably should have. Without realizing it, my habits were affecting my health. Sometimes these things creep up on us subtly.

What caused me to change?

After a few years of working at a sedentary job without giving my water drinking habits much thought, I started to experience some health issues. I often felt a bit sluggish and I found that I was having issues going to the restroom. Years of drinking a lot more soda and a lot less water caught up to me. I wasn’t giving myself near enough water to keep me properly hydrated. The “sippy cup” given to me by the company I worked for was filled with soda way more than it ever was with water. Considering all of the options I had in the vending machines, it was way too easy to just fill it up with soda instead of giving my body what it needed. I didn’t do much to address why I was feeling sluggish or why I was having other issues until started to feel like I was twice my age.

What did I do next?

After a few years of experimenting with mixing more water into my life, fighting the battle of cutting back on sodas, getting more exercise, and examining other parts of my lifestyle that could be improved, I still found myself having some of the same issues. All of the lifestyle changes I tried to implement were not being done consistently. This continued to cause me to have the same type of issues noted above. However, when I started dating my wife, things started to change. Not only was she a good influence on my health (I started visiting the doctor for the first time in years), she also introduced the power of the Brita water bottle to me. Although the trips to the doctor were helpful, the introduction of the Brita water bottle made drinking water pleasurable rather than being something I needed in order to fuel my body with the right stuff. Making water a normal part of my life has made some of the issues I had in the past much more manageable. I also find that I have a lot more energy. I can ever get through tired days better because my first instinct is to grab a cool, refreshing drink of water through my Brita bottle rather than a soda or sports drink.

Aren’t all water bottles the same?

Unfortunately, not all water bottles are the same. The difference between a Brita water bottle and most others that you will see at the store or receive on your first day at a new job is the filter. Brita bottles all come with a filtered water system that allows your water to taste fresh regardless of where you are or what faucet you use. This helps the water to maintain a freshness to it for a much longer period of time. They also taste excellent if you store it in the refrigerator for a few hours everyday as well. Adding ice makes it even better. Especially if your water starts to get warm. You have to leave your bottle out quite a while for this to happen. The bottles are durable and even come with a handle the makes carrying it around easy. They come in either a hard plastic version with a built in straw or the more sporty spray bottle that I prefer (as seen in the picture above).

The end result

The fact that I could have such fresh tasting water at my fingertips was almost as good as having the world at my fingertips through a smartphone. I have been using a Brita bottle since 2014 and haven’t looked back since. My bottle goes virtually everywhere I go. Although I could certainly do a little more to improve my fitness, I have to say that my energy level has been better since I started using the Brita bottle. With the help of alterations to my soda drinking habits and going to the doctor a few times, I have also been able to cure any lingering bladder issues. I have been able to maintain the type of health and energy that I want to have thanks to the fact that I like drinking water so much now. It’s possible that I could have accomplished this with any ordinary water bottle. However, the thing that makes Brita different from ordinary everyday water bottles is the filter. The filter is the difference between me wanting to take the bottle everywhere or just having an ordinary water bottle that I use just to keep myself a little hydrated. To be honest, I am usually disappointed when I have to drink non Brita filtered water.


Buying a filtered Brita water container and filling it up can also be a great way to get nice, clean filtered water in your day-to-day life.

How can you get your own bottle?

Whether it is through, Amazon, or your local Target or Wal-Mart store, you can find a Brita bottle just about anywhere. Before I was introduced to Brita, I thought a water bottle was a water bottle. Nothing else to it. It just held water and that is it. Some may have held the coolness of the water a little longer than others, but ultimately they were all created the same. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong about this. It’s been a few years since I’ve been introduced to the clean and refreshing taste of filtered Brita water and I can’t even remember life before I had a bottle. I take mine with me everywhere I go. I am secretly a little annoyed when I want to take my bottle with me, but can’t for some reason. Not because I am dependent on a bottle, but because the water just tastes so much better through their filters. A few years ago, I never thought I’d be able to get myself to drink water consistently. I tried very hard to figure out ways to get myself to think about drinking it on a normal basis and have it become a consistent part of my lifestyle. Little did I know that all I needed was to cross paths with a bottle that wasn’t just a run of the mill type of water bottle.

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8 Responses

  1. Wow! This is great! I have always been using disposable water bottles, and I never heard of ‘filtered’ water bottles. I will give it a try. Here’s to healthier lifestyle! Cheers!

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      I never heard of filtered water bottles either until I met my wife. I more or less can’t live without it anymore. Water from other sources just doesn’t taste as good to me. I can’t recommend filtered water enough!

  2. Monika says:

    I’ve been wanting to buy a Brita water container for so long, but I never heard of the bottles! I need to check that out 🙂

    • Marc Schmidt says:

      I have both. I can’t recommend both enough. Especially the bottle. Honestly, it’s a little difficult for me to drink water from anywhere else at this point. That is how good it is in my opinion.

      • Monika says:

        I can see how incredibly useful the bottle must be especially while travelling!! So, will definitely buy one before I go on my next adventure 😉 meanwhile… need to get the big container for home! Thanks for reminding me 😀

      • Marc Schmidt says:

        No problem! Yes, these bottles are very durable and are great for traveling. I guess any water bottle could fall under that category, but adding the filter makes it so much better. Enjoy it if you wind up buying a bottle and/or container.

      • Monika says:

        The thing about traveling is, you never know what quality the tap water is… so this makes it much safer!

      • Marc Schmidt says:

        From Minnesota to Florida and everywhere else i’ve gone, this bottle has come with me. I don’t take any chances on out of state tap water anymore unless I have to.

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